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MapleRose's Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Tv Review

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Rated: 8

At first, Gundam 00 isn't all that interesting; it didn't really draw me in (feel free to disagree, but that's just my opinion). Really, the first few episodes to me are just "mecha fanservice and politics". I started to think that it's just another Gundam/mecha series, nothing too special, and only kept watching out of curiosity and hoping it'll get better. While it's important to set up the situation and introduce and explain the technology (which they did, but I still find confusing), I didn't like how characters aren't developed until later; they were introduced, but you don't get to know then until later in the series, and that just doesn't have as much impact as if they were developed earlier.

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MapleRose's The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Tv Review

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Rated: 9

If you like sci-fi, fantasy or adventure, then this movie is probably not for you. While it has time travel, that's not really the main focus of the story; time leaping acts more as a plot-device to develop the characters and the story. Although some parts of the time leap are explained, it's best if you don't question how it works (like what happens to the current time line when Makoto goes back) and just take it as it is, else you'll end up going in circles and get a headache. The story focuses more on the relationships and the characters than the logics of time travel and how it works, and that's what you should focus on as well.

However, that's not to say the movie is all mellow and slice-of-life. There's action, humour, romance in it as well.

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MapleRose's Jigoku Shoujo Tv Review

Jigoku Shoujo

Rated: 6

The premise of the series is pretty neat and interesting. Each story takes a look at human nature, the injustices that exist in today's society, and our desire to take revenge even though it can't bring back what's already lost. Many people rely on Jigoku Tsushin and Jigoku Shoujo as a way out of their problems, even though in many instances the problem could be resolved by talking it over or by other means without having to condemn your soul to Hell. The crimes of the victims going to Hell varies, some deserve it more than others (and I admit it's very satisfying to see those who have it coming get their due). Whether Jigoku Shoujo is right or not in what she's doing is up to the viewer to decide.

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MapleRose's Samurai 7 Tv Review

Samurai 7

Rated: 8

I did enjoy this anime. Once again, GONZO did a good job in adapting something and make it special on its own. I was mostly impressed with the setting: the way the futuristic and medieval are meshed together in such a unique way. The story itself is enjoyable and suspenseful, other than the slight gap between two subplots. The characters are for the most part, likable, though not the most memorable for me in anime.

If you like samurai and meccha with lots of action, you'll like this anime.

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MapleRose's Full Moon wo Sagashite Tv Review

Full Moon wo Sagashite

Rated: 7

Overall it was a cute shoujo series, with a bit of sadness and inspiration. The balance between seriousness, emotional moments, and humour is pretty good. The characters are pretty likable, though they do get annoying at times.

The biggest downside to this series I think is its length. I don't think it needs 52 episodes to tell the story. I think they can get it done in 26 just fine, by cutting out a lot of unneccessary material and focusing on the important stuff. By having it so long, the pace gets pretty slow in the middle (not that it isn't slow to begin with), and a lot of themes get really repetitive.

Also, I don't think the story-telling and the style lived up to its full potential.

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MapleRose's Fantastic Children Tv Review

Rated: 9

The first half of the series takes place in the current world at the current time, mostly following the adventures of Helga, Thoma, and Chitto, as well as that of the Children of Belfort and the people around them. Then the next couple of episodes focus on the background story and history of the series. Then that last ten or so episodes brings the characters and sidestories from the beginning of the series and tie everything together.

The pace may seem a bit slow for those who are used to action right away and in every episode. Many of the episodes are used to tell the story and advance the plot, or explain the history and background rather than pure action. And because of the complex plot and how everything is weaved together, some parts of the plot may take some time to develop.

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MapleRose's Noir Tv Review

Rated: 6

The plot is too incoherent and confusing sometimes to get into and really enjoy. The art and animation isn't the best. And I find the constant flashbacks of Mireille's childhood very annoying and repetitive, especially they're of the same sequence of scenes over and over again, sometimes with a little bit more added. But sometimes this scene is repeated more than once in the same episode, and some consecutive episodes.

The emotional impact is at times good, some scenes are sad, but not enough to make you cry, but you do learn to empasize with the characters. The utter lack of romance and humour may turn some people away, but there are hints of yuri here and there.

The thing that I most watched this series for (and I'm sure for most other people as well) is the music and soundtrack.

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MapleRose's Diamond Dust Drops Tv Review

Diamond Dust Drops

Rated: 8

I think this is the greatest strength of the series. I love how it's set up like a series of short stories, connected with a common theme, and tied up at the end. It is ordinary at first glance in terms of plot and characters, but I found it special because of the emotional impact it has, and how I am able to relate to the stories (yes I cried a lot, get some tissues ready). It's not for those who like action/adventure or fast-paced stories, but if you're into drama and slice-of-life romance, and want something sweet and touching, then I definately recommend it.

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MapleRose's Howl's Moving Castle Tv Review

Howl's Moving Castle

Rated: 8

The movie is put together really well. The scenes flow nicely from one another, backed by beautiful scenery and fitting music. Although the genre is Fantasy and Romance, there are plenty of other emotions for you to enjoy, especially in the interaction between Sophie and Calcifer, and Sophie and Howl. The characters Calcifer and Howl are what makes this movie stand out from the other Miyazaki movies, and it contributes to the reason that Howl's Moving Castle is one of my favourites so far.

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